Tips For Post Workout Recovery

What you do after your workout to support your body is almost as important as what you do during the workout.23 This is because a post workout routine helps you to maximise your results and manage muscle soreness which makes it that much easier to stick to your fitness plan.23 Let’s chat about some of the key aspects of post workout recovery!

1. Water!

Dehydration inhibits the body’s ability to repair itself efficiently.24 Replenishing fluid levels contributes to muscle flexibility, helps to build strength and prevents muscle soreness.23
Stick to water and steer clear of sugary, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks as this exacerbates dehydration.23

2. Zzzs24

Yes sleep is essential! It gives your muscles the time they need to recover.

Research has shown that a lack of sleep may impair muscle recovery due to the impact on growth hormone and the body’s inflammatory response. So the more intensely you exercise, the more sleep you should get!

3. Massage24

Many athletes rely on massage to enhance recovery. In fact studies show that massage has a significant impact on recovery. It’s been shown to improve flexibility and decrease muscle soreness post exercise.

4. Take a cool shower23

A cool or cold shower promotes healing, prevents inflammation in the body and eases muscular tension.

In fact ice bathing has become quite trendy! An ice bath or immersion in iced water from the shoulders down may relieve muscle soreness and inflammation if you can withstand the temperature.

5. Stretch23

Remember to stretch after each workout to relieve muscle tension, improve flexibility, prevent muscle soreness and increase range of motion.

Further benefits of regular stretching include improved muscle relaxation, mobility and posture. Just remember to only stretch whilst muscles are still warm.

6. Mix it up23

Muscles need time to recover after intense training sessions, so incorporate recovery days into your routine with light exercise only on these days.

Light exercise may include walking, swimming and yoga or pilates. Active recovery with light exercise sessions such as these helps to boost circulation and move lactic acid out of the muscles.

7. Fuel up23

Eat a healthy snack within 45 minutes of training. This replenishes energy levels and helps to start the recovery process.

Snacks containing both carbohydrates and proteins are recommended as carbohydrates restore glycogen levels and protein aids in muscle recovery and strength building.

Good protein sources include nuts, fish, eggs, yoghurt, milk and whey protein. For a carbohydrate consider oatmeal, wholegrain pasta, fresh fruit and sweet potatoes. For a protein and carbohydrate all-in-one, give chocolate milk a try!

Try incorporating some of these tips into your post workout routine and give your body the nourishment and rest it needs to perform at its best!
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