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Online Shop Terms Of Service

Detailed description of goods and/or service from Ideliver Retail Solutions.

1. iDeliver Retail Solutions is a business that warehouses and provides eCommerce fulfilment and Sales functions for all industries including the healthcare industry that supplies pharmaceutical and healthcare products from our Pharmaceutical Grade facilities.

2. Delivery Policy: Subject to stock availability and receipt of payment, requests will be processed within two (2) working days and collection will confirmed by way of an order number/invoice. Delivery is done through a trusted courier service partner supplier to iDeliver. All these transactions will be conveyed by email.

3. Return and Refunds Policy: The provision of goods and services by iDeliver Retail Solutions is subject to availability. In cases of unavailability or damaged goods, iDeliver Retail Solutions will refund the client in full within 30 days. Cancellation of orders by the client will attract a 0% administration fee.

4. Return and Replacement Policy: In the rare instance that a product arrives faulty / broken: Kindly contact us immediately @ support@iDeliver.co.za. The product must be in the received condition and the original packaging for a full refund or replacement. As the client, you must notify us within 7 days of receiving your order that you wish to have it returned. Upon agreement, you must then return it to us within another 14 days.

5. Returning your item/s: Only once you have arranged with an iDeliver team member can an item be collected/Returned. iDeliver Retail Solutions will require inspection of the original product before sending out a replacement and/or refund.

6. What to do with damaged goods: If a damaged item is received, kindly take a clear photo and send to a member of our support team. Please ensure the items are repacked safely and securely for the return back to our warehouse for further inspection.

7. Return address: iDeliver Retail Solution, 9 Galaxy Avenue, Linbro Park, Johannesburg, 2065.

8. Customer details separate from card details: Customer details will be stored by iDeliver Retail Solutions separately from card details which are entered by the client on Peach Payment’s secure site. For more detail refer to www.peachpayments.com.

9. Merchant Outlet country and transaction currency: The merchant outlet country at the time of presenting payment options to the cardholder is South Africa. Transaction currency is South African Rand (ZAR).

10. Responsibility: iDeliver Retail Solutions takes responsibility for all aspects relating to the transaction including sale of goods and services sold on this website, customer service and support and delivery of goods.

11. Country of domicile: This website is governed by the laws of South Africa and iDeliver Retail Solutions chooses as its Domicilium Citandi et Executandi for all purposes under this agreement, whether in respect of court process, notice, or other documents or communication of whatsoever nature, iDeliver Retail Solution, 9 Galaxy Avenue, Linbro Park, Johannesburg, 2065.

12. Variation: iDeliver Retail Solutions may, in its sole discretion, change this agreement or any part thereof at any time without notice.

13. Company information: This website is run by iDeliver Retail Solutions a private company based in South Africa trading as iDeliver eCommerce Fulfilment.

About iDeliver Retail Solutions (Pty) Ltd 2016/382049/07
Contact Us legal@iDeliver.co.za or info@iDeliver.co.za or customercare@iDeliver.co.za 
© iDeliver Retail Solutions 2021 All rights reserved.

14. Definitions:
14.1. iDeliver Retail Solutions: means iDeliver Retail Solutions (Pty) Ltd, the party responsible for the sale warehousing and safe carriage of the consignment, and shall include any other contractor, sub-contractor, third party, agent, or any subsidiary or associate of iDeliver Retail Solutions, acting on behalf of or in conjunction with iDeliver Retail Solutions, and whether such transportation is carried on for reward or otherwise.
14.2. The Consignee or The Receiver: means the party to whom the shipment is being sent or the person who takes delivery of the shipment at the place of destination, or the party nominated by the Sender or the Sender as the party to whom the delivery of the shipment must be made.
14.3. Parcel: means any individual goods that are shipped by iDeliver Retail Solutions for carriage.
14.4. Consignment: means the total number of parcels moving on one waybill note and shipment has a corresponding meaning.
14.5. Waybill: means any shipping document, manifest, label, electronic entry or similar item used on iDeliver Retail Solutions system to identify the shipment, and air-waybill shall have a corresponding meaning.

15. Third Parties:
15.1. iDeliver Retail Solutions has the right and shall, at all times, be entitled to employ other contractors or sub-contractors to fulfil any contract with the buyer or agent.
15.2. Where iDeliver Retail Solutions utilises the services of a third party in respect of the transportation of goods, the Sender shall become liable and subject to the additional terms and conditions stipulated by any such third party, including any warehouseman into whose possession, control or custody the goods are placed and by any Government Authority in whose area of jurisdiction the goods are conveyed, provided however that only those conditions of carriage imposed by the third party which are not less favourable to iDeliver Retail Solutions than the conditions contained herein shall apply to the carriage by the nominated third party.
15.3. The Sender shall be deemed to have had sight of and have agreed to be bound by any such additional terms.
15.4. If iDeliver Retail Solutions concludes an agreement directly with an alternate third party carrier, that carrier shall be deemed to act as a principal and not as an agent of iDeliver Retail Solutions, and the Sender acknowledges and agrees that it will not under any circumstances have any claim or be entitled to institute any action against iDeliver Retail Solutions, as a result of any loss or damage to any consignment or injury or death to any of its personnel arising from any negligent or wilful act or omission on the part of the alternate carrier. The Sender specifically authorises iDeliver Retail Solutions to contract for the service of an alternate carrier.
15.5. The provisions of clause 2.4 shall be applicable to and enforceable against the Sender both:
15.5.1. in respect of any contractor and/or sub-contractor designated by iDeliver Retail Solutions as the party responsible for the clearing of any package or consignment through South African Customs.
15.5.2. the Contractor and/or Sub-Contractor responsible for the transport of the package and/or consignment to the end destination identified on iDeliver Retail Solutions’ Waybill.
15.6. Insofar as it is possible any indemnity or disclaimer of liability and the like made in terms of this Agreement by the Sender in favour of iDeliver Retail Solutions shall extend to any third-party contractor and/or Sub-Contractor utilised by iDeliver Retail Solutions in the performance of any of its obligations in terms of this agreement.

16. Rates and Terms of Payment:
16.1. iDeliver Retail Solutions
16.2. If a consignee from whom reimbursement confirmation is requested refuses to pay the duties and taxes necessary to release the shipment from customs, iDeliver Retail Solutions will contact the Sender who shall be obliged to pay such amount. If the Sender refuses to pay for such amounts, the shipment will be returned to the Sender, and in this regard the Sender will indemnify iDeliver Retail Solutions against any loss or damage including consequential loss or damage) that it may incur as a result of such actions. The Sender shall always remain responsible for the payment, both original transport charges and any additional charges raised due to the return of any goods. If iDeliver Retail Solutions advances any amounts as duties and taxes either at the original destination or upon return, the Sender shall also be liable for the payment of such fees relating to iDeliver Retail Solutions’ repayment of such duties and taxes.
16.3. Any amounts advanced by iDeliver Retail Solutions or a third-party Contractor and/or Sub-Contractor on behalf of the Sender in respect of duties and taxes assessed by Customs, are payable immediately on presentation of invoice. iDeliver Retail Solutions may contact the consignee before Customs clearance is complete to confirm the arrangements for re-imbursements of amounts which it has advanced. At its sole discretion iDeliver Retail Solutions may require confirmation of re-imbursement arrangements as a pre-condition to completion of clearance and delivery and may, at its election, insist that such disbursements be immediately paid prior to any package and/or consignment being cleared through Customs.
16.4. Any charges and fees relating to a shipment including, but not limited to, any duties or taxes advanced by iDeliver Retail Solutions as well as fees related to iDeliver Retail Solutions repayment of duties and taxes not paid by the party nominated by the Sender, shall immediately and on demand by Ideliver Retail Solutions be paid by the Sender.

17. Invoice Adjustment and Dimensional Weight Adjustment: Volumetric weight is determined by multiplying a packages length times height times width in centimetres, divided by a volumetric factor. If the result exceeds the actual weight, additional charges may be assessed on such additional weight.

18. Indemnity:
18.1. While iDeliver Retail Solutions shall utilise its best endeavours to ensure the delivery of the Sender’s goods in terms of the Sender’s instructions on the waybill note, iDeliver Retail Solutions shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage (including consequential damages) of any nature whatsoever, caused by any delay in or postponement of any act required to be performed by it in terms of this agreement, albeit that such delay or postponement is due either to the negligence, or gross negligence on the part of iDeliver Retail Solutions, its agents, or employees.
18.2. Should iDeliver Retail Solutions for any reason be unable to obtain the necessary vehicle or vehicles, or authorisation, iDeliver Retail Solutions shall have the right to cancel the contract or to postpone the performance thereof for a reasonable period without being liable to anyone for any consequential damages whatsoever.
18.3. Where iDeliver Retail Solutions is unable to carry out the performance of the agreement on the date or at the time requested, it reserves the right to do so at a reasonable time or date thereafter. While every endeavour will be made to carry out the work on the date and time requested, iDeliver Retail Solutions shall not be responsible for or liable for any loss or expenses which are incurred through delay in air, or road transport, or through any mechanical or electrical breakdown, or through any vehicle failure or breakage, or through any inclement weather, labour troubles, or for any consequential loss from any cause whatsoever. Should there be any unforeseen expenses associated with the transport of the Sender’s goods, due to any cause beyond iDeliver Retail Solutions control, such additional expense shall entitle iDeliver Retail Solutions to levy a further charge to cover the extra expense arising herewith.
18.4. iDeliver Retail Solutions does not warrant that it is in possession of the necessary certificates, permits or authorisation for any given goods or route, or that it will be able to obtain same. Should iDeliver Retail Solutions represent that it is in fact in possession of any permit, certificate or authorisation, such representation shall be subject to the responsible authorities to which the goods may pass, honouring such permit, certificate, or authorisation. iDeliver Retail Solutions shall not be liable for compensation or damages (including consequential damages) to any party should the responsible authority fail to honour same.

19. Disclaimer of Liability:
19.1. Such exclusion of liability shall, without derogating from the generality thereof, include all damage or loss to the Sender caused by any negligent or grossly negligent act or omission on the part of iDeliver Retail Solutions, or its nominated contractors, third parties, Sub-Contractors, agents or the like, and shall purely by way of example include any one or more of the following causes :
19.2.1. Force Majeure;
19.2.2. Any act of God;
19.3.3. Damage caused by damp;
19.3.4. Burglary or theft;
19.3.5. Riots or civil commotions;
19.3.6. War or civil unrest;
19.3.7. Fire;
19.3.8. Any restriction imposed by any Government or Government Official through which the goods are to be transported or stored.
19.3.9. Any strikes, lockouts or other industrial action by employees or workmen of iDeliver Retail Solutions, its agents, sub-contractors or any nominated third party.
19.3.10. Any accident to any of iDeliver Retail Solutions’ vehicles, or to any nominated third party, sub-contractor’s or agent’s vehicle, whether such accident occurs on the road, by railway or at sea.
19.3.11. Any shortages, losses or delays resulting from breakages of packages or crates, or lack of suitable or adequate covering, or the tearing of restraining devices or covering over goods.
19.3.12. Any act, default, omission of the Sender, consignee, or any other party with an interest in the shipment.
19.3.13. The violation of any of the terms and conditions contained in the waybill or these conditions including, but not limited to, the incorrect declaration of the cargo, the improper or insufficient packing, securing, marking, or addressing of shipments.
19.3.14. The acts or omissions of any person other than iDeliver Retail Solutions including compliance with verbal or written delivery instructions from the Sender or the consignee.
19.3.15. Delays caused by customs clearance procedures or those of other regulatory agencies.
19.3.16. Delays in delivery caused by non-adherence to iDeliver Retail Solutions policies regarding the payment of duties and taxes.
19.3.17. The inability of iDeliver Retail Solutions to provide a copy of any delivery record.
19.3.18. The erasure of any data from magnetic tapes, files, or other storage media.
19.4. iDeliver Retail Solutions will never be liable for any consequential or indirect loss or damage, irrespective how such loss or damage is caused, including but not limited to loss of income or profit.

20. Liability for Insurance and Declared Values and Limits:
20.1. iDeliver Retail Solutions’ responsibility in terms of the insurance value on any parcel or consignment will be underwritten by means of an insurance policy, the terms and conditions of which will be binding on the Sender, and the Sender will be provided with a copy of such terms and conditions at its request. Any claims made in terms of the insurance policy by the Sender for any loss or damage to goods must be submitted in writing to iDeliver Retail Solutions by the Sender by way of registered post or by hand, such notice to be received by iDeliver Retail Solutions at its domicile address within a period of 30 (thirty) days from the date when the package or consignment should have been delivered. Any claim received by iDeliver Retail Solutions after this 30 (thirty) day period will be repudiated on the grounds of late submission regardless of any other circumstances relevant to the loss or damage. In this regard the Sender indemnifies iDeliver Retail Solutions against any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect (including consequential loss or damage) arising from the Sender’s failure to comply with the provisions of this clause 7.
20.2. iDeliver Retail Solutions shall under no circumstances whatsoever be liable for any consequential loss or damage of any kind.
20.3. iDeliver Retail Solutions shall be liable for the lesser of the amount of the loss or damage and the liability cover value declared on the waybill note.
20.4. iDeliver Retail Solutions shall retain any rights of recovery or salvage and the conditions imposed by iDeliver Retail Solutions and / or any insurers contracted to it shall apply to any claims made in terms of iDeliver Retail Solutions’ responsibility to the Sender. In this regard, the Sender acknowledges that the goods and / or consignment will be underwritten by means of an insurance policy, and the terms and conditions of such policy will be binding on iDeliver Retail Solutions and the Sender. At its request, the Sender will be provided with a copy of such terms and conditions.
20.5. Compensation shall in all cases be limited to the replacement costs or the repair costs of the lost or damaged goods provided that the maximum compensation payable by iDeliver Retail Solutions shall never exceed the actual value of the contents of the shipment. If the actual value of the shipment is disputed, the onus shall be on the Sender to prove its value and iDeliver Retail Solutions shall be entitled to require proof of the value of the contents of the shipment for which a claim is made.
20.6. Notwithstanding the Sender’s election for the provision of and payment of insurance and insurance premiums, iDeliver Retail Solutions liability per Waybill shall at all times be limited to a maximum of R5,000.00 (five thousand Rand) per parcel or R50,000.00 (fifty thousand Rand) per consignment, irrespective of the declared value of the parcel or consignment on the Waybill.
20.7. Notwithstanding the provisions of this clause 7, iDeliver Retail Solutions shall accept no responsibility in respect of and will not pay any compensation in the event of loss or damage to any package or consignment which iDeliver Retail Solutions in its sole discretion deems to be high risk or dangerous goods, and which category of goods has been transported by iDeliver Retail Solutions, whether by agreement or inadvertently.
20.8. iDeliver Retail Solutions shall be entitled in its sole discretion to conclude a contract of insurance relating to the loss or damage to any goods transported, and any insurance so effected shall in no way create any liability on the part of iDeliver Retail Solutions to the buyer, nor shall such insurance be construed as an obligation on the part of iDeliver Retail Solutions to insure the goods for the Sender or to compensate the Sender in the event of any loss or damage from whatsoever cause arising.
20.9. In the event that iDeliver Retail Solutions has effected insurance in respect of any goods conveyed, iDeliver Retail Solutions may at its discretion compensate the buyer for any loss or damage to any consignment in respect of which iDeliver Retail Solutions has effected insurance. Any such election to compensate the buyer shall in no way create any liability on the part of iDeliver Retail Solutions nor be construed as an obligation on the part of iDeliver Retail Solutions to insure the goods on the buyer behalf.
20.10. iDeliver Retail Solutions shall never be liable for any loss or damage because of any delay or non-delivery in any unacceptable shipments.

21. Terms and Conditions of Acceptance of Goods: In the event of the Supplier failing to make a proper disclosure of the dangerous nature of the goods to be conveyed, or in the event of any such goods becoming a danger to iDeliver Retail Solutions or its servants or any third persons, or to any property, and iDeliver Retail Solutions shall be entitled immediately and without first giving notice to the Sender or consignee to dispose of such goods, in which event iDeliver Retail Solutions shall not be liable for any loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage) arising from the disposal of such goods. iDeliver Retail Solutions shall furthermore be entitled to recover from the Supplier its full contractual remuneration in respect of any such carriage together with any expenses incurred in the disposal of such goods.

22. Routing and Delivery:
22.1. iDeliver Retail Solutions shall have the exclusive discretion to select the route to be undertaken for the delivery of the consignment.
22.2. Any additional costs incurred because of any necessity to utilise an alternate route shall be for the Suppliers account and payable immediately on receipt of invoice.
22.3. iDeliver Retail Solutions shall be entitled to prove delivery of a parcel or consignment by means of an electronic proof of delivery, which shall be binding on the Sender or any other person liable for payment to iDeliver Retail Solutions. A duly completed Waybill, irrespective whether same has been signed by the Consignee shall constitute prima facie proof of the delivery of the consignment identified therein.
22.4. Where the consignee or receiver’s address has been unable to be located by iDeliver Retail Solutions, iDeliver Retail Solutions shall be obliged to retain the parcel for a period of fifteen (15) days. Thereafter, if the consignee has not claimed the parcel, the Sender shall be obliged to reclaim the parcel within a further period of seven (7) days, upon written notice by iDeliver Retail Solutions. If after the lapse of this period, iDeliver Retail Solutions has still not reclaimed the parcel, ownership therein and all rights thereto shall vest in iDeliver Retail Solutions which shall have the right to sell and dispose of the parcel as it deems fit and to retain the proceeds thereof to defray expenses. Any shortfall and any monies outstanding shall be payable by the Sender.

23. Goods in Transit: iDeliver Retail Solutions' liability to the buyer shall terminate upon the goods arriving at the designated destination of the Sender.

24. Undeliverable Shipments:
24.1. If a shipment is undeliverable for any reason, the buyer will be notified at which time the shipment will be returned subject to local regulatory constraints.

25. Customs Clearance:
25.1. All consignments which cross national borders must be cleared through customs in the destination country prior to delivery to the consignee.
25.2. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure that the necessary documentation in addition to the air waybill is provided and accurately completed in compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations, including customs laws, import and export laws and Government regulations of any country to, from or through which the consignment is to be transported, shall in no way impute any form of liability on the part of iDeliver Retail Solutions to the Sender or any other person for any such loss (including consequential loss or damage), due to any expense or delay or non-delivery of any consignment.

26. No Warranties: iDeliver Retail Solutions makes no warranties, express or implied.

27. Carrier is not a Common Carrier: iDeliver Retail Solutions is not a common carrier and accordingly does not undertake the obligations or liability of a common carrier.

28. Law Applicable: Notwithstanding the place where this agreement is entered, or the domicile or registered address of the Sender, the terms and conditions of this agreement shall be governed by and be construed according to the law of the Republic of South Africa.

29. Jurisdiction: The Sender hereby consents to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court Act 32 of 1944, as amended, provided, however that where a claim exceeds the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court, iDeliver Retail Solutions shall, in its discretion, be entitled to institute an action out of the High Court of South Africa.

30. Buyers Warranty: Where the Sender or consignee is not the manufacturer of the goods, or any part thereof, the Sender or consignee warrants that they are duly authorised by the manufacturer of the goods to accept these terms and conditions on behalf of the manufacturer, and these terms and conditions will be binding and enforceable against the manufacturer of the goods.

31. The Sender warrants that by agreeing to these terms and conditions is duly authorised to and bind the Buyer hereto.

32. Domicile:
32.1. iDeliver Retail Solutions chooses as its domicile citandi et executandi the following address: 9 Galaxy Avenue, Linbro Park, Johannesburg, 2056
32.2. The Buyer chooses as its domicile citandi et executandi as the address set out on the waybill note.